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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 6, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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my daughter started to scream and looked toward the door. we figured something must be wrong. other kids were screaming outside. and we opened the door and smelled smoke. >> investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire. last january the same complex had another fire destroying 14 apartments then. violent weather justify a week ago has caused all of the power outage we have been dealing with ever since i can't the weather is making it tough tore restore the power too. gary is here with one example. >> reporter: we saw workers at this substation throughout the evening working on what fire officials described as overheating. the trouble knocked out power to the busy intersection of 355 and red land road and to area homes and businesses for about two hours. also in dure wood.
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>> i volunteer with other employees to look at energy restoration in the event of national emergencies. >> reporter: he finally got his power back thursday night. he is going to sleep in his own bed, not the basement. >> this is where my wife slept because she is taller, we have the fan that we had going 4/7. that is where the -- 24/7. i slept in the computer room on the floor. i basically got no sleep at night. then with the two dogs, they were running back and forth all night long, because they wouldn't settle. so all night long you heard click click click click, sweating to death, trying to sleep and in the morning i had to go to work. >> reporter: a generator helped save food. this energy restoration expert had trouble getting answers. >> day after day i would call the customer support line and
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the people were very respectful, and they gave me the information that they had. unfortunately,er day i called, i got different information. >> reporter: with extreme heat forecast for the next several days. pepco has been urging customers to not use unused electric lights and alines. keep they were stats no lower than 78 to dry to reap a recurrence from happening. there are still plenty of your neighbors living without power. dominion, virginia has more than 6600 outages statewide. 887 of those are in northern virginia. pepco reporting 7200 customers are still without power. more than 6500 of them are in montgomery county. and almost 500 in dc. as pepco works to restore power to all of its customers, it is also planning to raise its rates, something in the works before the storm.
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next week the maryland public service commission is going to decide whether or not to improve a rate increase that pepco wants. scott broom talks to the commission chair about this whole thing. maryland's chief regulator said today pepco may not get all that it wants. >> pepco had not been maintaining its system to the level we expected. >> reminding reporters they have pepco's number that regulators fined the company a million dollars in december for poor performance. and now that the p.s. e, is considering a rate increase for pep oh, the -- pepco, the real punishment may be yet to come. that is because this commission has the bower to -- the power to dock the rate increase request. to claw back profits from previous increases that should have been spent on reliability. >> we do disallow the portion of that spending we thought was attributable to their historic
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neglect. >> reporter: even so, some increase is expected, which is bound toen rage customers. decision on pepco's demand for mormonsy due july 13th. meanwhile, he finds it hard to believe that climate change isn't having something to do with all of this. he said mother nature is angry, noting that this most recent storm with no name did more damage than hurricane irene. >> scott tells us utilities need to provide detailed after action reports on their storm responses to maryland regulators within three weeks. turning now to campaign 2012, president obama is on the second leg of a two days bus trip. he is stopping in manufacturing towns which helped him back in 2008, and defending the way he has handled the economy. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: president obama is tackling the battle ground state of ohio in a bus.
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supporters lined the streets on his way to a small town just outside toledo. the crowd braved the heat to hear the president explain why he deserves four more years. >> when the american auto industry was on the brink of collapse, more than 1 million jobs were on the line. governor romney said just let detroit go bankrupt. i refused to turn my back on communities like this. >> this manufacturing town is full of auto workers and the president says his administration is filing a complaint against klein for unfair fees on some suvs made in ohio. >> i would goods shipped around the world stamped with made in america. >> as the president makes the case, he has done all he can to support the economy, the jobs report is due friday. >> republican presidential hopeful mitt romney likes his chances in november.
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>> as long as i continue to speak about the economy, i'm going to win. >> reporter: romney's campaign but governor bobby jindal and former minnesota governor on a bus to shadow the president. >> he has been in office nearly four years. >> reporter: the president's bus heads to pennsylvania friday. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. >> the romney campaign brought in more than $100 million in june, surpassing its goals making june the campaign's best month so far. >> here's a look at other things making news now. the united states and several of its european and arab allies are planning to threaten stirria with -- syria with global sanctions the requirement includes the appointment of a new interim government.
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thousands of syrians have been killed during the 16 month civil war. george zimmerman the neighborhood watch captain accused of murdering 17-year- old trayvon martin could be out of jail soon. he has to pay the $1 million bail and he must remain inside seminole county, he has a curfew from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. and must also pay for electronic monitoring.
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it is 4:40 on this friday morning. warm out there, we are in the 80s still in town. 83, last check, highs today about 100, 101. slim chance of a storm, didn't
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even put it on the board. looks like even hotter tomorrow. i'll come back and talk about potential records. right now here monday, with timesaver traffic. >> we are going to look at a map and update you on a situation. the road is still closed. route 1, baltimore avenue. from a police investigation overnight. choose an alternate route through the college park area. back to you andrea ray and mike. >> it is time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. it is all about the friday jobs report to you. that is what wall street is going to be watching to see if the unemployment rate changes. the labor department will release that june jobs right at 8:30 this morning. economists are expecting the jobless rate to hold steady with
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90,000 jobs. two reports indicate the job market could be improving though. payroll provider kd preports businesses added 176,000 jobs in june. as for trading, stocks were mixed after signs that americans are spending less. the dow dropped 47 points and stands this morning at 86. the s & p 500 as lowered. demand for rental apartments is sky high. 4.7% of apartments are vacant right now and rents are at record highs. economists say many young people are forced to rent because they can't qualify for mortgages. i suppose they also are living on mom and dad's couch? >> every corner that is vacant you see it is going to be a development of some sort in just a few months. >> i was walking past an
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apartment in dupont circle this weekend. a one bedroom. furnished, $2800. >> it is amazing if you can afford that you can't qualify for a mortgage. check your computer for a virus before monday. that is the warning from the fbi. >> we'll have more on that story, plus your weather first, when we return in two minutes.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now 4:45 on this friday morning. mike asked the question, how could you live in louisiana all of that time with the heat and humidity? and you have heard me say, i didn't go outside. i didn't deal with this. >> i lived there for five years, you deal with it. you learn how to work around it. >> your blood does get thinner over time, right? >> that is what it is. >> your body just acclimates. how do people live in phoenix,
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arizona in the summertime? they do it. that is how. we are going to be hot again. 95 or better. >> i get used to it to some extent. >> a change is coming. here's a look at the heat advisory. goes into effect at 11:00 a.m. still going to be another hot day, but not hot enough for advisory criteria. as the air temperature may approach 105 by sea. 86 by noon, noon another scorcher. getting to be again more of the same of what we have been seeing 97 by 5:00 .10 1, another hot day, average high is 88 or 89. we have 70s in the shenandoah
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valley. still southern maryland hanging out along with alexandria. arlington is 80. 72 and columbia 75 degrees. >> good visibility, with generally high clouds out there. we have a high, thin layer of cloudiness, the humidity 67%. see the dew point number, over 70, that is muggy and sticky but with the north wind it should drop a little bit. still this big ridge of high pressure here. record highs affected chicago yesterday. got to 103, that was a record if them. the storms riding up and around the ridge. down across the -k the -- the deep south. chicago back to 103.
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hundreds making in to toward the ohio and tennessee valley as well. not as hot in chicago. i want you to notice how the 80s are in bismarck, up to parts of the northeast, a front is going to come toward us that sunday. that is going to bust this heat wave. today all quiet, we have really very slight rain chances, mainly in the mountains here. tomorrow a better chance for an afternoon storm. but tomorrow will be the hottest day. i think temperatures tomorrow will be between 100 and 105. here we have isolated storms in the afternoon. sunday as the sun approaches, better chance for showers and storms in the afternoon. still very hot sunday in the upper 90s to near 100. yellow alert today with 101. tonight 80, 104 tomorrow, record heat will be two degrees shy
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today. i'm going to go red tomorrow on the alerts, because this heat is really going to be a problem. and then sunday 99, another yellow alert. that might go red, depending on the storms. back in the 80s next week. monika? >> if you are traveling in college park, i want to let you know that prince george's county police have been on the scene of an investigation since overnight at route 1 on lakeland road. i suggest you go ahead and use brad's parkway and avoid lakeland drive, if you can. we'll take a live look outside, further north on the beltway, this is obviously not affected. things look good on the outer loop as you head toward the interchange and beyond. back to the maps, if you are planning to head to the beach, volumes are very light outside the beltway on route 50 heading for the bay bridge. a live look there now and no
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issues to report as you head toward sandy point and across the bridge span. first a major modernization plan is in the works for the fleet of taxi cabs in the district. the mayor has announced a contract to put smart meters in the cab. if the dc council goes along, you will be able to pay for your fare by credit card. the devise will come with gps tracking and television and customers could summon the police with a push of a button. hundreds of thousands of people around the world could be knocked off the intnet because of a malicious computer virus. the fbi is inviting people to check their computers to see if they are infected. teresa garcia tells us how. >> reporter: jake lewis is on
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the internet more than 15 hours a day. he was alarmed to hear about the computer virus that could knock thousands of people off line. >> i have all my documents, stored online. >> reporter: the fbi has been on the case since last year when agents busted a range of computer hackers. the scam infected hundreds of thousands of computers around the world and controlled them through rogue servers. it would rack up millions of dollars in illegal fees. >> the challenge for the fbi was they would wipe out the internet victim. the temporary system is shutting down on monday, which means 64,000 computers in the u.s. will be cut off. the fbi is directing users to a
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special website to see if they are infected. the site will check for the virus and tell you how to fix it. lewis is in the clear. >> i am very relieved. >> reporter: but many others are still at risk and and the fbi thinks about major u.s. corporations. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. a version of the highly addictive painkiller oxycodone is being manufactured illegally. food and drug administration says any company marketing the bane pills without government approval has 44 days to stop manufacturing it and those who don't will be prosecuted. oxycodone is one of the most widely abused drugs in the united states. exercise is not just important,
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it is vital for good health. u.s. doctors say lack of fitness increases the risk of death more than obesity or high blood pressure. exercise is as important as getting patients to lose weight or even quit smoking. just standing up can improve your health, according to doctors at ohio state university. they say sitting too much is linked to a higher chance of obesity, high blood pressure and cancer. doctors suggest people who sit a lot should take a five minute walk every hour. we heard and we are standing. it is time for the question of the morning. the question is some of you are probably wondering why the question isn't on our facebook page this morning. >> we are having technical difficulties most thing morning. 38% of americans say they
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regularly use this. 38% regularly use a taxi, the postal service or a land line phone. >> log onto the wusa 9 facebook fan page. leave your response and make sure to put question of the morning as the title to your post.
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welcome back. the very warm 70s and low 80s. we'll be in the upper 80s in the next few hours. by 11:00, 92. lunch time outside, 96. mike likes it like that. nice and cool. by this afternoon very slight chance of a storm. i don't think we are going to see much of anything with highs around 100 once again.
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looks even hotter on saturday. right now, here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> reporter: into virginia right now, no problems heading up to 395 and the 14th street bridge. i'll update you on a situation in college park at 5:00. back to you, mike. residents your fourth of july fireworks show is now on again. city leaders had canceled the show because of last friday's epic storms. however they decided to reschedule the show for next friday, july 13th. everything is going to start at the montgomery county fairgrounds, and there will be live music, food and eventually the fireworks. american shooter kim rode inheads to london. >> she pulls the trigger about
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1000 times during her daily practice in california. she is weeks away from competing in the summer olympics, where she could be the first american to score medals in five consecutive olympics in an individual sport. >> i'm very excited about it. but at the same time i don't think it's quite hit me yet. >> no pressure right? >> kim's bad, who is also her coach, helped get her to her first olympics when she was 16. >> behind every good woman, there is a good man. >> when did you realize kim had a gift? >> at a very young age. she would get up at 5:00 in the morning and do her homework so she would have the afternoon after school to go train. >> reporter: kim has an interesting technique. >> socially i'm singing a strong up until i call for the target.
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>> what song do you sing? >> you know it varies. >> reporter: she owns close to 4000 first edition children's books, but nothing compares to her olympic passion. >> every emotion hits at once. up to run up to scream, you want to cry and jump up and down and you don't know which one to do first. >> good morning and good luck to her. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> good morning, happy friday. >> trafficwise, friday light is good news. howard bernstein has the digits to pay attention to this morning. >> high would be 101. record 103 today. the record


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